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Valtech Values

To be a truly global agency, and to meet the opportunities of the future, it’s crucial that we operate as one connected team.

We pay it forward. We share knowledge with our peers, our clients and colleagues all over the world. We share to connect, to learn, to grow, to be open and to be transparent. ​ We share the passion for making a difference in the world. For making an impact. We share the value of being part of a collaborative, role-based and diverse organisation respectfully embracing different personalities, cultures and opinions.
We thrive in environments that are full of complexity and ambiguity. We dare to challenge not only ourselves and each other, but also our clients to go into unknown territories. Fueled by our shared passion, we dare to trust each other and go new, innovative ways to make extraordinary things happen. ​ We dare to take the lead. To take responsibility even when things have failed. We dare to speak up and to be honest.​
We care about the end user experience. We care for our clients' businesses and about the quality of the things we create. We care deeply about the vibe and well being of our teams. We care for ourselves and our colleagues to live healthy lives.​ We care about the world we live in and in taking responsibility for our role in improving human lives and making the world a better place for everyone.​

Our principles

Human centered
A genuine respect for people. Employees, clients, customers and others. Encourages organizations to focus on the people they're creating experiences for. Make working-environments safe to everyone. Be the end user advocate.
Experiment and learn fast
Understand what you don't know. Formulate hypothesis and setup experiments to obtain feedback as early as possible.
Continuously improve
Everything that runs can run faster, better, in a more efficient way. This is true for the things we make and for the teams and individuals who make them.
Cross-functional collaboration
Bringing different people together with different perspectives improve problem solving and lead to smarter, more sustainable decision making. Cross-company, cross-office, cross-functional including clients and end-customers.
Passion for simplicity
We love complexity boiled down to elegant, super easy to use experiences.
Outcome over output
We value improving peoples lives and business results over the number of features and deliverables we create.
Mind the contract
We are a services company. Every engagement with a client has a contractual and legal ground. Understand and respect the terms and agreements.

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Fun facts

We have offices all over the world and the innovators, thinkers and doers who make Valtech go come from a diverse collection of backgrounds. But even that makes it sound like we're all business all the time. Interested in some of the things that make working here so much fun?


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